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Monitoring of Surface Waters

Environmental monitoring is conducted within the framework of the Belarusian National Environmental Monitoring System (NEMS) founded in 1993.

As part of the implementation of the state program to secure the operation and development of the Belarusian National Environmental Monitoring System in 2011-2015 the laboratories of the state institution National Center for Analytical Monitoring in the Area of Environmental Protection have been monitoring hydrochemical parameters in surface waters.

The points of observation over the status of surface waters, parameters and frequency of checks are spelled out in executive order No. 44-OD of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus of 30 January 2015 on the organization of monitoring the surface and underground waters in the points of observation under the Belarusian National Environmental Monitoring System.

The surface water monitoring network includes 297 points of observation in the basins of the Zapadnaya Dvina, Neman, Zapadny Bug, Dnepr and Pripyat rivers. Studies are conducted across 29 hydrochemical parameters: physical properties and gas composition of water, mineral status, the presence of biogenic and organic substances, and metal contents.

The results of the hydrochemical monitoring of surface waters are sent to the information and analytical center of surface water monitoring of the Belarusian National Environmental Monitoring System according to the established procedure.